Most Amazing Wild Animals Attacks TOP 10 Eagle attacks - Eagle vs,Wolf
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Published on Jan 8, 2017
Published on Jan 8, 2017

Eagles are one of the most extraordinary bird species in the world.
They have sharp and very focused eyesight.
They fly circling 200m over the ground.
When a little animal like rabbits, snakes are moving on the ground they can see that even far away from the ground.
Some times they didn't hesitate to attack big animals like wolf, fox or goats big animals.
When an eagle sees prey, he gets ready to attack.
He hovering down very fast like an arrow.
When he close to the prey he extended his feet to forwards and spread out his claws.
Then he grabs the prey and flies to his nest.
But some times when the prey is stronger, the eagle has to fight,
Eagles are extraordinary strong bird species.
Some times they can put down a large animal like a goat or wolf.
But some times the prey escapes.

We hope you enjoy the video and we learn something about eagles.
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